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Client : Kernowfornia

Project : Surfwear Brand :

Starting my own micro-brand has given me a valuable insight into what it takes to create and build a brand from scratch. I've setup all marketing material myself; from patenting the brand name and logo, building a website, setting up social media channels, to printed banners, SEO and Google ads. It's been a really rewarding process and one that informs my daily design work.


Kernowfornia is a grass-roots independent clothing label doing things the old school way, making t-shirts and hoodies, in Cornwall (Kernow). All the tees and hoodies are hand printed by me! Teaching myself to screen print has given me a thorough understanding and an appreciation for the nuances involved, which makes me a much more considered designer. I love the challenge of using a limited palette, it distils the designs to a more pure form.

Click on the samples below to view full-size website banners and hand screen printed tshirts and hoodies.

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