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Client : Atticus Digital :

Project : Explainer Video - Us In 60 Seconds :


A deceptively simple brief; sum up what Atticus Digital does in under a minute!


Starting from a list of the services that Atticus offers, I created an initial storyboard to kick-start the project and inspire the owner to get the written script whipped into shape. The next stage was to break the video into scenes, then  after several iterations of the storyboard, I created a collection of style-frames. From here, I developed animated scenes roughs for each scene, which progressed incrementally into the final video.

I made sure the the entire project remained on-brand, having designed the new brand guidelines myself. I designed and animated all of the motion graphics in Adobe After Effects, as well as compositing the CGI 3D helicopter and UI graphics onto the iPad (Using a green screen back plate). I also setup the video edit in Adobe Premiere.

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